I do not have any boxing experience, where do I start?

We recommend when starting any new fitness regiment to speak your doctor. If approved to start a new fitness regiment we highly recommend starting with our Free Boxing Intro Class followed by our 14-day Kick Start Trial.

No purchase necessary to begin. We hold the Free Boxing Intro Class daily and our coaches are trained to teach you the fundamentals before entering our group classes.

Do I need gloves and wraps?

We will provide gloves that are cleaned and sterilized after each use. If it’s your first time we will provide you with clean wraps to use for class. You can purchase a pair of STC wraps for $10 at the counter. Please ask a coach to grab your gloves, only coaches are allowed behind the counter.

Do I have to get in the ring?

You do not have to get in the ring. Although some members join specifically to spar and compete, you do not have to get in the ring for those reasons, you can still train like a boxer without trading any punches! 

Where do I park?

Parking is available In front of our loading docks at the entrance, and there is also a parking lot located across the street from STC. Parking is also available on Wilbur Street. 

How do I reserve and check in for classes?

We recommend downloading the Zen Planner app to reserve all classes. You can also reserve your classes by clicking here. (https://stcboxing.com/schedule/) All classes are limited space and require you to cancel your reservation if your unable to attend the class. 

What is the difference between a class pack and membership?

Class packs are limited to adult group classes only (Undisputed, Fighter Fit, Pound For Pound, Contender) and expire at 6 months. Memberships are paid on an auto renew monthly basis, they include all adult group classes as well as Mitt Work class and Open Gym. Also including a Free 30 minute nutrition consult intro and 15% off all WRN programs. 

Do my class packs expire?

After you initially purchase a 4, 8 or 12 class pack you have 6 months to use any of our class packs available. If you have not use your class packs in the time allotted they will expire. 

Can a friend use a class from my class pack?

Unfortunately, we do not allow you to transfer your class packs.

Who is eligible for mitt work class?

Mitt Work class is only for members and 14-day Kick Start Trial. 

Are group classes all-ages?

All classes are 18+ 

What is Open Gym?

Open Gym is for members only. You can take advantage of our facility during Open Gym hours. This allows you to work out on your own at your own pace. You may also attend for a $25 drop in. 

What is the 14-day Kick Start?

Please click here for information about our 14-Day Kick Start promotion. https://stcboxing.com/14-day-kick-start/

Does STC provide personal training or private group training?

Yes, We provide one on one and small group training. Click link here and contact us for additional information. Contact Us

Does STC have Group classes for corporations/team building?

Yes, we can design a workout. Contact us to set it up! 

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership prior to the first of each month. All Class Pack users get a 3 hour cancellation window. Failure to cancel within the 3 hour window, you forfeit the class. All memberships require a minimum commitment of 60 days before cancellation. Please email us so we can help assist you. Pleas visit Terms & Conditions/Memberships for more information.

How do I freeze my membership if needed?

All memberships can be placed on a freeze for 3 calendar months per year and must occur prior to the first of each month. Medical freezes can be requested for longer periods of time.