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Our adult group classes will be aimed to replicate the same proven training methods of a professional boxer in a single 1 hour class. The class structure will consist of an alternating range of boxing and functional training. Classes are made of all self-paced exercises, making it accessible for all levels of fitness and experience. 

All group classes provide proper warm-up and activation routines that any boxer or athlete might use. We teach you the proper stance, footwork, and punches to ensure you are efficient and stay injury free. Other essential movement patterns are evaluated to address any areas of immobility and relative strength in our Boxing Intro Class.


The ‘Contender’ class focuses on developing a solid foundation and becoming a better boxer. Sharpen your skills and learn proper stance, footwork, head movement and more. This work out will give you an up close look at exactly what goes into a day in the gym for a professional contender.


Feel like the ‘Pound for Pound’ champion and go the distance in a 12 round heavybag workout. Work combinations on the bag and bodyweight exercises off the bag for an intense fat burning, muscle shredding workout. Finish the class off with a solid 10 minutes of core work.


The ‘Undisputed’ class run 12 rounds of a structured balance of boxing, cardio and functional exercises. Our members will get a feel of how some of all time undisputed champions prepare for their upcoming fights.


The diverse work a boxer must do to prepare themself for battle is made up of many elements. The ‘Fighter Fit’ class is focused on the functional exercise element, which turns fighters into athletes. This class will have you punching harder, lifting heavier, and running faster.


Our ‘Mitt Work’ class, for members only is the best way to improve your boxing technique. This is a 45 minute small group training session, so be sure to reserve in advance! This class focuses on fine tuning your punches, footwork, head movement and more.


This class is for memberships only and will take your boxing to a competitive level. There is a prerequisite of 1 Contender class a week to be able to attend. If your goal is to box to compete, this class is mandatory. Each sparring class begins with a warm up and defensive drills. Each member will be closely coached throughout this session. A mouth piece is a must, and sparring gear will be provided if needed.


‘Open Gym’ is for members only. Take advantage of our facility during Open Gym hours, and work out on your own at your own pace. You may also attend for a $25 drop in. Check our schedule for Open Gym hours to reserve your spot. 


To perform like an athlete, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Every session will have you sweating and working hard, so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Please wear comfortable athletic clothing and shoes.


We suggest arriving about 15 minutes early for your session. This will give you a chance to meet your coach and have time to have your hands wrapped before class starts.


We offer small group and private coaching. We realize some clients prefer a one-on-one setting. Private one-on-one coaching sessions are tailor-made to fulfill your exercise needs. Semi-private coaching is a perfect way to get into shape with friends, and recieve closer attention in a smaller group (2-5 People).

Contact us and ask how you can schedule a semi-private or 1-on-1 session. For more information, please inquire within.