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Our adult group classes will be aimed to replicate the same proven training methods of a professional boxer in a single 1 hour class. The class structure will consist of an alternating range of boxing and functional training. Classes are made of all self-paced exercises, making it accessible for all levels of fitness and experience. 

Not sure which class to start with?

We highly recommend joining our Boxing Fundamentals to start!


If you’re new to boxing, a first-time visitor to our gym, or a more advanced athlete looking to refresh your knowledge and sharpen your skills, take our Boxing Fundamentals class.

Our experienced, USA Boxing-certified coaches will break down the fundamentals of the sport, helping you develop a solid stance, learn proper footwork and throw punches correctly. Taking this class is great for your progression — it will help you get the most out of your future workouts and prevent any unnecessary injuries.


Want to feel like a pound-for-pound champion? Go the distance with our 12-round Heavy Bag Conditioning session. Under the guidance of our USA Boxing-certified coaches, you’ll switch between combinations on the bag and bodyweight exercises off it. Fat-burning, muscle-shredding workouts don’t get much more intense than this!


Ever wondered how undisputed champions prepare for their upcoming fights? Get a flavor of their elite-level training with our Boxing & Conditioning class. It’s a 12-round workout combining boxing, cardio and functional exercises that’s guaranteed to boost your fitness and strength.


Boxers are some of the most well-rounded athletes out there. To prepare themselves for battle, they need to work on their strength, endurance, explosive power, movement quality and structural integrity. This functional exercise class boosts all those physical elements — as well as the mental strength required to go the distance.

Guided by our experienced coaches, you’ll learn fundamental exercises such as deadlifts, medicine ball throws, kettlebell swings, band pull-aparts, box jumps, road work, clean and presses and much more.

You may not need wraps or gloves for this class, but you’ll still develop the physical attributes needed to thrive in the ring.


Our members-only Mitt Work class is a great way to improve your boxing technique. Our experienced coaches will focus on fine-tuning your punches, footwork, head movement and more.

Sessions last 45 minutes and we keep group sizes small so you get the most out of them. As a result, we recommend booking in advance!


If you want to take your boxing skills to a competitive level then our Sparring class is a must. In fact, attendance is mandatory if you want to compete in the ring.

Each session begins with a warm-up followed by defensive drills, and members will be closely guided by our USA Boxing-certified trainers throughout the session.

In order to attend the class, athletes also need to take part in two Team Training sessions per week. A mouthpiece is a must, and sparring gear will be provided if needed. We also make sure you spar with a coach in advance of your first class.


Working hard at the gym but not seeing the results you wanted? Maybe your progress has stalled, or you’re struggling to break through a plateau. If that sounds familiar, it’s worth taking a step back and assessing your nutrition.

How you eat has a profound effect on your training, your energy levels, and your mindset. Our Nutrition Class with Kimbo is designed to equip members — new and old — with the information they need to level up their performance, both in the gym and in their everyday lives.

Led by Kimbo Rose of Whole Rose Nutrition, the class covers all aspects of nutrition, with advice on meal plans, building muscle, losing weight, making weight, energy balance, macronutrients and micronutrients, hormone balancing, gut health, wellness, pre- and post-workout meals, superfoods and sustainable diets.

Come open-minded and prepared with a notebook and pen. And feel free to raise any questions or concerns you may have about nutrition.

Click to learn more about Whole Rose Nutrition and Health Coaching programs.


If you’d like to improve your fitness, strength, and boxing skills by working out at your own pace, sign up for our Open Gym Membership.

This gives you unlimited access to Open Gym sessions at our boxing gym in Waltham, MA. You’ll be able to train with our heavy bags, speed bags, cardio equipment, and a wide array of weight training apparatus. Our multi-functional fitness facility also has its own competition-sized boxing ring and customized turf area for footwork drills and more. In short, we have every tool you need to reach your boxing and fitness goals.


To perform like an athlete, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Every session will have you sweating and working hard, so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Please wear comfortable athletic clothing and shoes.


We suggest arriving about 15 minutes early for your session. This will give you a chance to meet your coach and have time to have your hands wrapped before class starts.


We offer small group and private coaching. We realize some clients prefer a one-on-one setting. Private one-on-one coaching sessions are tailor-made to fulfill your exercise needs. Semi-private coaching is a perfect way to get into shape with friends, and recieve closer attention in a smaller group (2-5 People).

Contact us and ask how you can schedule a semi-private or 1-on-1 session. For more information, please inquire within.